Reliable background for the fashion, wellness & culture in the Czech Republic

Artforma is the connection of two words: "art" in the sense of the wide spectrum of its forms and "forma" as the expression for the professional service and responsible approach to each client. In 2006, the company was established by the mother and daughter (Michaela & Barbora Zindelová) after a couple years of their independent activity. Their company is concentred on the personal and skilled contact, which is different from the mass public relations of the big agencies. The intentional two-generation cooperation brings not only the various view, but also the complex realization. The offer of Artforma services (projects as company presentation and propagation, press conferences, targeted public relations, complete events with a quality program, lifestyle and special texts, consultancy...) should satisfy even a very demanding client.

For further information please contact Barbora Zindelová
e-mail:, phone: +420 732 818 598
languages: German, English, French, Spanish
domicile: Prague, CZ